Claude Hopkins: An Inspiration to the Advertising Business

Claude Hopkins was a fantastic innovator and pioneer in the advertising world in the early 1900’s. His work fascinated me in several ways for a number of different reasons. His creations were simple, yet complex and reached the consumer in a unique way. I found it especially interesting that in some of his advertisements he would simply ‘point out the obvious’. For example, in his advertisement for Shlitz Beer, he pointed out that every bottle was sterilized when in reality the bottle is expected to be sterilized for all beer manufacturers. However, this caught the eyes of the consumers and drew them to Shlitz Beer. This really got me thinking about the way products are advertised. It made me realize that not all advertisements need to be complex but something simple and perhaps ‘obvious’ is what consumers are able to connect to.

more pepsodent

More importantly, what I noticed most was that Claude Hopkins created advertisements that were different from all others. He made his advertisements simple and pointed out basic needs that consumers were looking for. For example, in Claude Hopkins’ Pepsodent advertisement, he pointed out that the toothpaste will specifically remove the film coated on teeth that effects whiteness, when in reality all toothpaste does that simply because it is being brushed along your teeth. However, once again Claude Hopkins ‘pointed out the obvious’ and told the consumers what they wanted to hear and made a successful advertisement. This is something that I admire and hope to achieve in my own advertisements. I believe that having the ability to connect to consumers in a unique way that other companies cannot is essential to making an advertisement successful.


When researching information about Claude Hopkins, I found this interesting website with key tips that helped Claude Hopkins’ career become a success in the business advertising world which I believe would benefit others:


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