Who Eats Twinkies?


The Famous “Golden Sponge Cake with Creamy Filling”

Twinkies, the “Golden Sponge Cake with Creamy Filling”, have been a popular part of American culture since around 1930. However, devastation hit many Americans in 2012 when Hostess went bankrupt and Twinkies were no longer available for sale. In fact, people were so desperate for Twinkies that they were selling packages for hundreds of dollars on eBay. The highest selling price found for an expired package of Twinkies was for $15,000! Fortunately, Twinkies were brought back to US store shelves on July 15, 2013.

 ebay twinkie

Who Really Eats a Twinkie Anyways?

The real question should be who buys a Twinkie. From a marketing perspective, products should be marketed to the person buying the product. For example, it is safe to assume that of the children who eat Twinkies, their parents are buying the packages for them.

According to the Simmons Database, there are certain groups that are more likely to buy Twinkies than others. White women from age 45 to 54 in families with children are the most likely to purchase Twinkies. The larger the household, the more likely it is for consumers to purchase Twinkies. The majority of the households that are more likely to purchase Twinkies are considered “Rural Villages and Farms” according to Mosaic USA. In general, Rural Villages and Farms consist of middle-class married families and couples of varied ages, living and working in agricultural and mining communities. Fifty percent of consumers who buy Twinkies are employed full time and have an annual income of $30,000 or less or $60,000 or more. Also, full time students are more likely to buy Twinkies than part time students. Consumers who are considered “middle of the road” on the political spectrum are also more likely to purchase Twinkies.

I decided to look further into the consumer profile for Twinkies and compared National Football League (NFL) fans at different interest levels and people who enjoy cooking for fun compared to people who dine out. According to this Simmons Data chart, consumers who dine out (at restaurants other than fast food) were more likely to purchase Twinkies than consumers who enjoy cooking for fun. As for NFL fans, consumers that are not interested at all in the NFL and very interested in the NFL are almost just as likely to buy to Twinkies; however consumers that are very interested in the NFL are the most likely to purchase Twinkies compared to the other NFL interest categories. 

 Below is the chart from which I based my findings:

full chart.png


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