The creative process is something that can be difficult to define and understand because it is different for everyone. We all process information differently and interpret things in our own way. Simply defining creativity can be difficult. In class today, some words that we brainstormed to describe creativity included fun, unique, self-concept, context, abstract, and ‘out of the box’. When I think of creativity I think of different, open-minded, interesting, and clever. Everyone is creative in their own way whether they think they are or not because no two people think exactly alike. I believe inspiration is everywhere and triggers us to think about things in a unique way. Some of the best ideas appear naturally at random; forcing yourself to be creative will end up limiting you.

My Creative Process:

  1. Receive task
  2. Gather as much information as possible
  3. Brainstorm ideas when mind is clear
  4. Use Google to research and edit ideas
  5. What would other people think of and how can I make it different
  6. Ask others for their opinion and feedback
  7. How can I make this better?
  8. Finalize and plan out idea
  9. Implement

This is usually how I go about tackling a creative project, what’s your creative process?


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