What do you think of when you think of OREOs?


OREOS have been known in America as “Milk’s Favorite Cookie” for quite some time. OREOs are a dessert snack that have been around for years and years. They often create memories for those who buy and eat them; And parents feel a sense of nostalgia buying OREOs for their own children.

According to Simmon’s Data a family with two children is more likely to purchase Oreos than a family with 1, 3, or 4 children in the household. I also found that work out once a week (as opposed to 2, 3-4, or 5 or more times per week) are more likely to purchase Oreos.

While reading each person’s OREO experience it was obvious that everyone had a different experience eating OREOs. With each experience came different connotations with the brand and the food itself.

I gathered that the main consumer “problem” that is being addressed when eating/buying OREOs is satisfying a sweet tooth or craving. I also found that a few of my friends saw it as a stress relief to indulge in at the end of a long day which I can relate to since that was one of the connections I made when thinking about eating OREOs.

As someone who has eaten several Oreos, I can say that it definitely played a role in my childhood. I can clearly recall seeing Oreos in the grocery store and begging my mom to buy them for me. If I was lucky enough to be able to pick out the dessert for the week, Oreo cookies were usually my go-to choice. Every time I would eat them, I would choose a different way to approach it. Sometimes I would grab a stack of Oreos and take the chocolate off and stack as much cream up as I could to make a quadruple (or sometimes more) stuffed Oreo. Other times I would take the chocolate off and lick the cream until I only had two plain chocolate cookies left, or sometimes I would just dunk the whole Oreo in milk and eat it. I specifically remember racing my brother to see who could separate the cookie, lick off all the cream, and finish an entire glass of milk the fastest, just like in the commercials. I would usually lose but it was still one of my favorite childhood memories. Whenever I eat Oreos I always have to have milk to fully enjoy them. It’s definitely one of my favorite snacks but I must admit that I don’t eat them as often as I’d like because they aren’t healthy. However, when I do have them, they remind me of being a kid sitting at my kitchen counter eating Oreos with my brother.

What is your OREO story?


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