Liberty Mutual “Pay It Forward”

In class we analysis various video advertisements and examined them at a deeper level. One of the ads that I found particularly interesting was Liberty Mutual’s “Pay It Forward” commercial.

Here is the commercial, if you’d like to watch it:

The brand archetype portrayed in this advertisement is the protector because compassion, generosity, support, care, and reassurance are the focus of the ad. Since insurance is something everyone is required by law to purchase, Liberty Mutual attempted to differentiate its products by appealing to consumers looking for protection. These consumers value hospitality, advice, protection, sincerity, and thoughtfulness, which is what is portrayed through this advertisement. The ad shows every day incidences that could happen to anyone, which exemplifies the fact that Liberty Mutual is suitable for anyone and available in all circumstances.

This ad stuck out to me because it is positive and encourages good citizenship and simply made me happy watch it!


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