First World Problems

This video advertisement caught my eye and really stayed with me because of its strong, emotional message. It is interesting because it is not specifically asking a consumer to buy a specific product but instead to donate money to help others. In fact, one of the underlying messages in the ad is that consumers have too much and complain about their “first world problems” when others in less developed countries lack basic needs.

What makes this ad so strong is that almost everyone watching the ad can relate to it in some way. It puts things in perspective for Americans and people from other first world countries so they can clearly see the economic difference in developing countries.

There are a few different brand archetypes used in this advertisement. One brand archetype is the purist. One of the goals of the ad is to create harmony, peace, and purity in a developing country that appears to be innocent and in honest need for help. The straight shooter also applies to this ad as a brand archetype. The ad has an intense sense of realism and authenticity since it shows people from developing countries in their real home country. By having people from developing countries saying the same things as people from developed countries makes the difference between the living conditions, attitudes, and selfishness blatantly obvious. Another brand archetype is the protector. The ad encourages viewers to be the “protector” for the people shown in the video. The scenes cause the viewers to feel empathetic and want to help those in need.

This video does an amazing job connecting with the viewers and making them feel a need to act. How did this ad make you feel?



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