Marketing Communications Plan

The primary goal of a marketing communications plan is to communicate the position of a business and to build awareness of its products. It requires you to know your business and the product inside and out.

One of the most important things to identify and understand first is your target market. You must research into their buying habits, likes and dislikes, what appeals to them, their daily activities, and more. This will determine how you will successfully market and communicate with your target audience. You want to create as many touchpoints as possible to frequently and effectively reach your consumer.

The message is another vital piece of the marketing communications plan. Your message must be clear to consumers and emphasize the unique value in purchasing the product. After successfully creating the message you then need to think of the channel in which you can best reach your target audience. You can use Simmon’s Data to identify which means are most used by your target audience in respect to demographics.

Lastly, you’ll need to decide on a budget and schedule that would work best for your business and product. You want to strategically plan when your marketing efforts will reach your target audience for maximum success. You also must identify any constraints and legal aspects that will effect your campaign.

There are several online resources that can assist you in creating a successful and clear marketing communications plan. Listed below are a few websites that may help in researching and creating ideas


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