Humor In Social Media

Social media is rapidly evolving in the marketing world. But how can you make your social media marketing stand out from the rest?


The key social media marketing is to create engagement. This will help the message stick with the consumer and likely increase consumer involvement. One way to stand out is to incorporate humor in your social media strategies. Humor grabs the attention of the viewer and instantly engages them. However, humor can be a difficult thing to achieve.

What’s funny? What’s not?
There are certain rules that businesses should abide by when incorporating humor into social media. First and foremost, keep it clean. The last thing you want to do is offend a potential customer – it could significantly hurt your image and you’ve likely lost a consumer for good!

A good way to incorporate humor is to poke fun at yourself or your business. Even if you are a serious company, it’s okay to use humor to communicate with your target audience especially on social media since it is a more informal environment. For example, if you have a blog, post pictures of employees in Halloween costumes to give viewers a good laugh. It allows you to form a connection with potential consumers and humanize the brand. It also gets people talking and sharing information about your social media site!


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