Negativity On Social Media


All this talk about the benefits of social media, but what’s the downfall?

Of course there’s a downfall to almost anything we do and social media is no exception. On any social media where consumers can give feedback, you will most likely encounter an angry customer at one point or another. As a business, you’re responsibility is to respond (or not respond) in the best way possible.

One way to respond to negative feedback is to apologize and offer to help. You’re main goal is to turn this angry consumer into a satisfied consumer so do whatever is possible to fix whatever issue this consumer is unhappy about.

You can also make corrections. If they misunderstood and believed something to be true that wasn’t be sure to correct them so they can understand for the future. Be sure to correct them as politely as possible – you don’t want to make an angry customer even more angry! You can still offer to help them in any way possible in order to help them recreate a positive attitude.

In the event of a completely outrageous customer, sometimes the best thing to do is not respond. You don’t want to ignite a fire even more than it already is and sometimes consumers are just looking to start an argument, so in that case, your best bet would be to just not respond.

In a way, these complaints will help you grow as a business. It will help you identify what your customers like and don’t like. It also gives you the opportunity to show others how you handle these issues and how helpful your customer service can be in the case of a problem.

Don’t let the possibility of negativity keep you from engaging in social media and reaping the positive benefits!


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