‘Tis The Season For Holiday Shopping!


Let the holiday shopping commence!
I recently read on article on Business News Daily about the different types of shoppers during the holiday season. After Thanksgiving is a huge time for retail stores and marketers, alike. With Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday being some of the biggest shopping days of the holiday season, marketers are put to the test. How can they successful market to these holiday shoppers?

According to Vision Critical, a market research and technology firm, there are four major Black Friday shopper personas. Similarly, marketers have brand archetypes and personas to help them connect with certain types of consumers. It is critical to understand the target market and how to successfully communicate your message to them.

So what are the four major shopper personas?
Modern-Day Coupon Queen – The majority of this group uses mobile devices to receive online vouchers and learn about promotion. They prefer shopping in-store and aim to spend the least amount of money possible. These consumers are most likely to line up for doorbuster Black Friday deals.

Millennial Generation Shopper – Millennials are usually young consumers in their twenties who use their mobile devices more often to browse and search for information on a product rather than buying it on their mobile device. These consumers often fall into impulse buying.

Mobile Tech Embracer – This group heavily uses mobile devices to gather information, search, and buy products. They also regularly read e-newsletters. These consumers are likely to participate in Black Friday promotions.

Single Cyber Male – This group often spends just as much money on himself as he does on others during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. They typically purchase items online rather than mobile devices. They usually buy gifts ahead of time to avoid lines and crowds during in-store holiday shopping.

By identifying these groups of consumers, marketers can tailor their marketing strategies to reach their target market. The goal is to reach consumers as frequently as possible and knowing how and where they obtain their product information is vital to a marketer’s success.



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